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Winning the lottery seems like a distant goal, almost impossible to achieve with the exception of a few lucky ones. By winning the lottery I mean winning a lot of money, not just a few dollars. I will start a series of strategies and tips that, if followed, will help you be more successful and maybe a real lottery winner.

Let's begin with Keno and similar ones: 10e, Multi Multi and Banco. This is a game that is played daily at least once and draws 20 regular numbers from one pool of 70/80/90 numbers and you can win by guessing between 1/2 and 10 numbers.

KENO (                     ) , 10 e (    ) , Multi Multi (    ) , Banco (    )
First I will show the theoretical potential of winning by guessing 2 numbers correctly. Of course this is just for the sake of explaining the possibility and practically is not the way to play for obvious reasons.
I will be using Keno from Canada as an example. If you bet $1 and guess 2 numbers you get $7. In other countries the amounts are similar. The example assumes you guess 2 numbers correctly every time and you bet the whole amount you win each time.
Day # Bet amount Win amount
1 $1 $7
2 $7 $49
3 $49 $343
4 $343 $2,401
5 $2,401 $16,807
6 $16,807 $117,649
7 $117,649 $823,543
8 $823,543 $5,764,801
So theoretically playing once a day in 8 days we can make $5.76 mil by guessing 2 numbers correctly each day. Impressive potential isn’t it? Let’s try and use it!


Of course that is not easy and of course nobody will bet the whole amount every time. This was just an example to make you aware of the potential of making money with practically a modest guess of 2 numbers.

There are books and articles about how to choose numbers to win but not too many on how to play to minimize the losses and even if you do not win at least not to lose the money you played with.

So the strategy that I suggest for playing Keno (or similar to Keno) is the following:

Use Lotto Analyzer for Trend/Pattern/Frequency/Delay to narrow your choice to 3 or 4 numbers.

With 3 or 4 numbers you have more chances to win regularly or at least to recover the money you played.
If you do not feel comfortable about the numbers, trust your instinct and do not play. Instead, wait for the next time when you feel the numbers have a better chance.
If you have success on guessing, I suggest increasing the bet but never playing more than half your wins because this is still a lottery and you won't be able to always win.
I will add more tips and strategies on how to choose the numbers and how to play them, but for the moment I think this is a good start. Good Luck!


1 Playing 3 numbers. Let’s say the numbers you choose are: 1, 2, 3 and you bet $1 dollar for each variant which will cost you $4. Here are the variants:
1) 1, 2, 3
2) 1, 2
3) 1, 3
4) 2, 3

- If you guessed 2 numbers correctly, you get $7, so you made $3 extra.
- In case you guessed all 3 numbers you will make $25 for the 3 numbers guessed and another $21 for the rest of the 2 numbers variants, for a total of $46.
2 Playing 4 numbers. Let’s say the numbers you choose are: 1, 2, 3 , 4 and you bet $1 dollar for each variant which will cost you $7.  Here are the variants:
1) 1, 2, 3, 4
2) 1, 2
3) 1, 3
4) 1, 4
5) 2, 3
6) 2, 4
7) 3, 4

- If you guess 2 numbers correctly, you make back the money you played.
- If you guess 3 numbers, you will make $21.
- If you guess 4 numbers, you will make $100 for the first variant plus another $42 for the other 6 variants of 2 numbers: total $142.